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Learn Angular2 Part 1

I won’t pretend to be a Javascript expert. I know enough to do what I need to do, and I’m relatively comfortable with AngularJS 1 and the general quirks of Javascript.

I do tend to get slightly unsettled when things move onto NodeJs, NPM, EC6 however. I just find Javascript so fast moving, you cant turn your back on it for a week and some new fangled thing has appeared. New ways to do things are created seemingly, just for the sake of it.

So it was with some trepidation that I decided I needed to get with the cool kids and attempt to keep up to date with Javascript…


Install Nodejs, Mac and Windows installers are available. Linux users will use the default package manager I would imagine.

I initially started by following several guides and installing components individually as required. My plan was to setup a repository and use that as a base for all future projects, heres the link to the repository. As is normal, halfway through this it entered my mind that theres probably a better way to do this and thats someones already solved this problem in a better way.

Note to Self: Other people have the same problems as me, have solved them, probably in a better way. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

After a bit of searching, I came across Angular CLI.

#install angular CLI globally
npm install -g angular-cli
#create new project and navigate to it
ng new angular2-test-folder
cd angular2-test-folder

lets see if its works

ng serve

If you now visit localhost:4200 in your browser, a basic angular2 website should be waiting.

If it doesn’t work? Walk away, cursing everything Javascript and vow to never touch the Devils code again.

What do we get for all that hard work?

We now have a good foundation for playing around with Angular2, using the following commands we can generate everything we need

#a new component 
ng generate component new-component-name

#a new directive
ng generate directive new-directive-name

#a new service
ng generate service new-service-name

We also have a full test environment

ng test

And Finally

We now have everything we need, now the hard part of working out what the hells going on!

Published 24 Jun 2016

John McCracken